Periodontal Status of Smoker and Nonsmoker between the Workers at El kubaisa Factory of Cement

Mohammed I. Abdullah, Shakir Mahmood Ali, Jassim Ali Jassim


Background:The harmful effect of smoking  on oral tissues is well reported.The effects of smoking on periodontal health statues of a group of cement factory workers have been compared with the non smokers.

Methodology: A sample of 175 male subjects were involved 78(44.57%) subject were smokers. Each subject was examined in the medical room in the factory. By using Community Periodontal Index (CPI) score. 

Result: The prevalence of periodontal disease among the study subject was 100%. Bleeding and calculus were most frequent observed in the smoker and non smoker workers with statistical difference (P>0.05).On the other hand the shallow(74.35%) and deep pocket(23.08%)were observed more in smokers. with significant differences (P<0.01).

Conclusions: The maintaining of oral health was neglected by factory workers. Smoking was evidently factor of risk for high levels of periodontal disease. These observation emphasize the need of periodontal treatment in the cement factory workers.


Smokers, Community periodontal Index, periodontal health status

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