Exerted Stresses from Loading Distal -Extension Removable Partial Denture with Different Occlusal Rest Position A Finite Element Stress Analysis Study

Souza Abdul Aziz, Imad Aljoubouri, Wasmaa S. Mahmood


The treatment of distal extension base removable partial denture has long been the dilemma of many Prosthodontists, since the support for this type of restoration is based on two functionally different systems, the teeth and associated periodontal membrane and the edentulous ridges. So one of their most elusive goals were to finish the prosthesis by utilizing both systems of support without exposing the tissues to undue stresses which might lead otherwise to bone resorption.

Material and method: A two-dimensional finite element analysis method was used to assess the stress distribution on supporting structure where different rest position, including mesial-occlusal rest, distal-occlusal rest, and mesio-distal occlusal rest.
The X, and Y coordinate for each node of the model was transferred to the ANSYS program, a load of 10MP was used in this study, where each of the models was subjected to load distributed on the saddle area.

Results: Von Mises stress values revealed that, mesial rest produces less stress concentration

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26477/idj.v39i3.132


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