The Prevalence of the jaw bone cysts in Baghdad city (A retrospective study)

Ahlam H. Majeed, Nadia S. Yas, Muthanna K. Ali


Background: Cysts of the jaw bones are more common than in any other bone in the body. A total of 5356 biopsies were studied of which 418 (7.804%) werecysts involving the oral region. Odontogenic cyst comprised 348 cases (83.25%). The most common odontogenic cyst was periapical cyst forming 31.25% and keratocyst came second with an incidence of 16.03% of the total cystic lesions examined.

Materials and methods: The sample of study composed of 418 biopsies which had been diagnosed as being oral cysts. Age, sex, site of lesion and final diagnosis were obtained from the files of the patients.

Results: Out of 418 cysts, 83.25%, were diagnosed as odontogenic cysts while nonodontogenic cysts comprised 3.34% of the total- number.Periapical cyst was the most common cystic lesion forming 39.39% of the total number, with most cases occurring in the maxilla (23.3%). Next come odontogenickeratocyst (19.25%), followed by dentigerous cyst (14.94%).
epidermoid cyst was the most predominant nonodontogenic cyst (0.96%). The highest incidence of cystic lesions occurred at the age of 21-30 (31.10%) with male predominancy.


Oral cysts, Periapical cyst, Keratocyst.

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