Root fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth using three different instru- mentation systems (An in vitro study)

Ahmed Hamid Ali, Ahmed Ghazi Subhy


Vertical root fractures are result largely from procedures performed in the root canal in the endodontic treatment of roots. In this study three groups of thirty premolars roots have been instrumented with three different systems, hand step back instrumentation with K-files, rotary K3 file system and rotary Protaper file system. The roots then obturated with gutta percha and sealer using lateral condensation technique and then subjected to a vertical load via universal testing machine until fracture. The results showed a statistically significant difference among all groups and a statistically significant difference between group 1 and group 2,3 respectively and no difference between group 2and 3.The hand instrumentation provides more fracture resistance to roots that receive endodontic treatment than the rotary instrumentation techniques.

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