Antiviral Activity of κ-carrageenan Gel on Herpes Simplex Type І, a Human Study: An Open-Label Clinical Trial

Hajer Ibrahem Abdulla, Marwan S.M. Al-Nimer, Aseel Jasim Ali


Aim of study This study aimed to study the possible application of carrageenan on the illnesses related to the oral cavity by studying
its effects in Viral infection presented with herpes simplex in human.(an-open label study)
Subjects,materials and methods In this study patients presented with oral herpes simplex lesions were treated with carrageenan
gel (0.9%)that was prepared .The gel was applied twice daily and the end-points of the study are the complete healing in absence
of any discomfort within a short period of treatment.
Results The results showed that two applications of κ-carrageenan per day accelerated the healing process within a short period
(1-2 days) without complications or disfigurement in all patients.
Conclusion κ –carrageenan besides ι-ond λ- carrageenan is useful in management of viral infection. κ –carrageenan is effective
against herpes simplex labialis .


κ – carrageenan, herpes simplex, antiviral activity, open label clinical trial.


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