Evaluation of panoramic image quality in three images system.

Amaal kadhim ALSaadi


In vitro study to evaluate the diagnostic image quality of dental panoramic radiography by comparing between conventional and
digital systems.
Aim of the Study: The aim of this study was to compare and evaluate the image quality of panoramic radiograph.
Material and Method: Study comparing the image quality of dental Panoramic between conventional and digital in three dental
institutions diagnostic imaging department.
Forty five panoramic image were collected and divided in to three groups consisting of conventional images obtained with STRATO
2000, CE by VILLA SISTEMI MEDICALI–ITALY (screen based film) Dimax3digital system pan/ceph, PLANMECA, Helsinki, Finland, and
Kodak 8000 carestream health, France (CCD X–ray image sensor).
Image quality was assessed by rating the visibility of three evaluation aspect commonly found on panoramic radiographs for
each image Depending on three evaluation aspect which is include the anatomy coverage, contrast and density of the teeth and
anatomical structure, high score representing better image quality and the lower score indicating poor image quality.
Results: the data collected from the evaluation of digital and film based image by two examiner were analyzed by chi square and
the difference was statistically significant.
Conclusion: The highest quality scores were obtained with carestream health digital system whereas images from Dimax3 digital
system and conventional panoramic image type by VILLA SISTEMI were ranked significantly lower.


image quality; panoramic dental radiography


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