CG Tooth Mousse, Acidulated phosphate fluoride, Enamel Demineralization, Microhardness.

Sann M Rashid, Aisha A Qasim


Aims of the study: to assess the remineralizing of Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride and CG Tooth Mousse on the microhardness of enamel surface. Materials and methods: A total of (30) primary teeth from children aged 6-12 years were used in the study. After preparing enamel blocks then specimens were immersed in demineralizing solution in order to formation an artificial carious lesion. The enamel surfaces were treated with: Group1: (n=10) control negative on deionized water alone, group2: (n=10) CG Tooth Mousse and group3: (n=10) acidulated  phosphate fluoride. Vickers surface microhardness test was used to measure the enamel's surface hardness at three different times: baseline, after demineralization, and after remineralization. Results: The microhardness of surfaces of all samples was decreased after immersion in demineralizing solution while after treatment with remineralizing agents showed increased in the surface microhardness measurements with statistically highly significant differences, GC Tooth Mousse superior remineralizing effect than APF. Conclusions: GC Tooth Mousse was better than APF in remineralizing effect and improving the surface microhardness of demineralized enamel for Primary Teeth.


CG Tooth Mousse, Acidulated phosphate fluoride, Enamel Demineralization, Microhardness.

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