Effect of periodontal treatment on some serum biochemistry of patients with end-stage-kidney disease (A pilot study)

Hadeel Mohammed Abbood, Suha Aswad Dahash


Background: Periodontal diseases are inflammatory diseases that affect the supporting structures of the teeth which could lead to tooth loss and contribute to systemic inflammation. End stage kidney disease (ESKD) is an established kidney failure which requires dialysis or a kidney transplant. Several studies have investigated the relationship between kidney diseases and periodontal disease. Objectives: This study aimed to investigate the effect of nonsurgical periodontal treatment on the serum chemistry of patients with ESKD. Methods: A randomized control trial was designed. Patients with periodontitis and ESKD were divided into two groups: the test group received nonsurgical periodontal treatment just prior to the hemodialysis appointment. The control group did not receive any periodontal treatment except oral hygiene instructions. Clinical periodontal parameters for all participants were recorded at baseline and one month follow-up. Serum albumin, creatinine, urea, total protein, alkaline phosphatase, phosphorus, and calcium levels were measured at baseline and one month follow-up too. Descriptive analysis in addition to t-test and univariate analysis were conducted. Results: This study showed no statistically significant change in any serum biochemistry measured between the two groups. Conclusion: Nonsurgical periodontal treatment does not have any effect on the studied serum biochemistry of patients with ESKD. However, ESKD patients suffer from moderate to severe periodontitis.

Clinical implication: we suggest a collaboration between periodontists and medical doctors to manage patients with chronic diseases. This will increase the patients’ quality of life and may improve the prognosis of the systemic disease.

Keywords: Periodontitis, periodontal treatment, end stage kidney disease.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.46466/idj.v46i1.285


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