Effect of Different Finishing and Polishing Procedures on The Discoloration of Composite Resin

Zeena T. Abdul Hadi Al- Ani


ABSTRACT: to study the effect of finishing and smoothing composite resin restoratives on discoloration of
composite resin by different staining solutions .
MATERIALS AND METHODS: forty samples of tetric composite were made. These samples were divided into
4 groups. Each group was treated with a type of surface finish and immersed either in tea or coffee solution.
RESULTS: The results showed that composite resin surface finished with Mylar strip and immersed in coffee
was the most susceptible surface to discoloration and the least one was that immersed in tea.
CONCLUSION: composite resin surface should be finished and polished despite the smooth finish of the
Mylar strip.


surface finish; discoloration; composite resin

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