Clinical Assessment of Tissue Healing of Extracted Sockets Irradiated with 940 Nm Diode Laser

A. S. Mahmood, N. H. Hammoodi


Background: Dental extraction is a surgical procedure that requires hemostasis, several haemostatic agents may be beneficial,
laser-assisted coagulation can be used for many surgical procedures like dental extraction.
Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate the role of 940 nm diode laser-assisted coagulation following dental extraction
in the soft tissue healing of the extraction wound site.
Methods: Thirty patients with 32 extraction sites were randomly separated into two groups. Group A patients with 17 extraction
sites, their bleeding sites were stopped by exposing them to a 940 nm diode laser operated in a continuous wave mode of radiation
and 0.1193 W/mm2 power density, while group B patients with 15 extraction sites, the healing of the extraction sites left
to happen normally.
Results: Group A extraction sites presented with less pain and accelerated healing compared with group B extraction sites.
Conclusion: The use of 940 nm diode laser operated in CW mode with 0.1193 W/mm2 power density on immediate extraction
socket site causes an immediate hemostasis and accelerated wound healing.
Practical Applications: The immediate hemostasis and healing acceleration achieved with laser radiation can be of very beneficial
for immediate fixed restorations.


socket healing; 940 nm diode laser; dental extraction.

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