Prevalence of Prosthodontic Appliances Replacement in Erbil City

Ghalib Rahman Hawrami


Background and objectives: to determine the prevalence of prostheses requested by Erbil city, prosthesis is an artificial substitute
that replaces the missing part.
Material and Methods: totally 405 people aged 30 - 79 years were randomly taken as source of data in Erbil population; the chart
was filled up in an interview then managed statistically. Several types of data were obtained to reach the most appropriate decision.
Results: The persons were subdivided in to dentate (28.15 %) and edentulous (71.85 %), the edentulous fall in to two categories,
with appliances (47.1%) and without appliances (52.9%) were the with appliance are subdivided to; implant (1.72%), bridge
(13.33%), partial denture (13.58%) and complete denture (6.17%), The main reason for non seeking replacement was education
Discussion: Edentulism is considered one of the most common problems in the word, Erbil city is one of these cities.
Conclusions: The results shown that persons who don’t wear appliance are more than those who wear it and education factors
are the reasons for its rejection.


edentulous, tooth, prevalence and prosthesis


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