Studying the effect of different RPD design and materials on reduced bone support, a FEA study.

Wasmaa S Mahmood, Souza A Aziz, Imad A Jebouri


Aim of the study: To study the effect of reduced level of bone support on stress concentration and distribution. Also comparing the effect of different metals (gold, cobalt-chromium, and titanium) on alveolar supporting bone. Material and methods: A FEA method is used on a reduced bone support class I Kennedy classification, with three different rest positions (mesial, distal, mesial and distal) Co-Cr partial denture; Then changing the modulus of elasticity of the chrome-cobalt, to study the effect of gold and titanium alloy on the supporting bone surrounding the abutment in terms of stress distribution. Results: results revealed that best design type is by placing mesial and distal rest on abutment, also when comparing the three types of metals (Co-Cr, titanium, gold), there was no significant difference among the three metals.

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