Evaluation of the Course of the Inferior Dental Canal Using Digital Dental Panoramic Imaging

Omar Bashir Taha


The position and appearance of the inferior dental canal (IDC)areimportant consideration during a surgical treatment of the mandible.
To study the appearance of the IDC radiographically with the aid of histogram equalization of digital imaging to improve the vision
of the IDC outline on the digital dental panoramic images in the posterior area of the lower jaw.
150 digital panoramic images ofthe right side of the mandible were evaluated according to a particular inclusive criteria.The percentage
of the IDCwas calculated to assist the histogram equalization usefulness in the vision of the canal.
The results showed that there was a difference in the appearance of IDC on the panoramic images of the mandible. The evaluation
of the histogram equalization of the digital imageshowed that the canal visualization improved in twenty-seven images,representing
52%,and twelve images,representing 23%, did not show any improvement. The researcher was no sure of thirteen images,
representing 25%.
Since the radiographic appearance of IDC is not universal, and the evaluation of the histogram equalization of the digital image
found to be useful in some cases, but not in all; therefore, there is a need for further investigation using advanced modalities such
as cone beam CT.


inferior dental canal; histogram equalization; digital dental panoramic image

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