Comparison Between Flapped and Flapless Implant Techniques by Measuring Crestal Bone Level: A Prospective Radiographical Trial

Ali J. Abdul-Saheb, Resha J. Abdul-Saheb, Abdalbasit A Fatihallah


Background: Previously, the flapped dental implant surgery was the most common implant placement procedure.
With the development of different implantation techniques, the flapless surgery is now available
for implant placement. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the flapless surgical technique for
implant placement on bone level compared with the flapped surgery technique with the aid of panoramic
Materials and methods: The study comprised 10 patients, 20 dental implants investigated, two implants
placed for each patient (one implant placed with a flapped procedure and the other with a flapless surgical
technique). Utilizing panoramic view pre- and post-surgical treatment, the crestal bone level at different
intervals (1 week, 4 weeks and 12 week) has been compared.
Results: When comparing flapped and flapless implant surgical procedures at different time intervals, the
flapless surgical technique showed less bone level reduction, on the other hand no significant results obtained
when comparing the surgical techniques in the maxillary and mandibular arches.
Conclusion: Flapless implant placement provides less bone level reduction compared with the flapped technique.


flapless surgical technique; crestal bone level; bone level loss

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