The Effect of Sulcular Injection of Fucose in The Treatment of Gingivitis. An Experimental Study On Rabbits

Chenar A. Mohammad


 Background: α-L- Fucose is one of the eight essential monosaccharides, which is a common component of

many nitrogen and oxgyen linked glycans of glycoproteins and glycolipids produced by mammalian cells. The objective of this study

is to evaluate the histopathological effect of local injection of 50μl of 150mM fucose into rabbits with gingivitis.

 Materials and Methods: The existing study was carried out on 60 male rabbits. From the total number 5 rabbits with healthy gingiva

had been taken and scarified , while an experimental gingivitis had been induced to the rest 55 rabbits and were divided

randomly into 3 main groups ; first group consisted of 5 rabbits with gingival inflammation only and were not received any local

injection and considered as a base line gingivitis non injected group ; second group consisted of 25 rabbits with gingival inflammation

and were injected with 50 μl of normal saline into the bottom of gingival sulcus of mid-labial area of lower right central

incisor and considered as gingivitis saline injected group ; third group consisted of 25 rabbits with gingival inflammation and were

injected in the same area with 50μl of 150mM fucose solution and considered as gingivitis fucose injected group. Then periodontal

tissue biopsy was collected from both saline and fucose injected subgroups at different time intervals of 1, 3 ,7 ,14, and 21 days

after injection , from gingivitis non injected group, and from rabbits without gingival inflammation .

 Results : The results showed that fucose injection resulted in rapid reepithelization , reduction of inflammatory reaction , and

fibrous tissue regeneration in short duration of time after injection.

 Conclusion: α-L- Fucose can be used as anti-inflammatory agent in the treatment of gingivitis (gingivitis induced by plaque).


α-L- Fucose; experimental gingivitis; periodontal biopsy; sulcular injection.

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